PVC Flush Valve

Ashok Plastic brings you a whole lot of genuine plastic range of products that can be used in industries, domestic as well as commercial use. Similarly we have brought you with one more advanced product which is widely used in most washrooms and restrooms today. It is artistically designed by our team of experts by using materials like poly vinyl chloride. The application of this PVC Flush Valve is done for irrigation purpose also; the valve is connected to the end of each irrigation line, so that the residues and debris are removed quickly as the water is flushed out of the pipe. Because of robust and dynamic services, we are regarded as one of the best turning company in offering flawless PVC Flush Valve products.


  • Very useful in irrigation work
  • Used in quarter turn operation
  • Very less pressure and works well
  • Helps in removing debris by flushing out water in force

Size (Inch) : 1 1/2" to 2 1/2"